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Folding Knives

FX-525 OL


FX-525 B TERZUOLA design
FX-525 BE TERZUOLA design
FX-521 DLB Boris Manasherov design
FX-521 DRB Boris Manasherov design
FX-520 Boris Manasherov design
FX-519ZW Bastinelli design
FX-519B Bastinelli design
FX-525TI BL Design by Bob Terzuola
FX-525TI Design by Bob Terzuola
FX-525DB Design by Bob Terzuola
FX-515W Terzuola design
FX-515 Terzuola design
FX-514 Design by Vox
440OL Design by Francesco Pachì
FX-590 Developed with Derespina Knives Brooklin NYC
FX-519GR Bastinelli design
FX-519O Bastinelli design
FX-121 Ti Design by Wilson Combat
FX-121 CB Design by Wilson Combat
FX-121 MC Design by Wilson Combat
FX-121 G10 Design by Wilson Combat
fox Fox Cutlery FKMD Due Cigni