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In 1977 Oreste Frati, after a long experience in the production and in the commercial areas, established the FOX Cutlery. The professional tradition combined with the constant desire for technological
innovations has built up the reputation of FOX Cutlery like one of the leading company on the national and international markets. Thanks to its high-quality standards, Fox Company is recognized by NATO as an official supplier with N/CAGE CODE: AG180. The prestige of this company is shown also through the important awards obtained such as the IWA International Knife Award in the Special Knives category and the Blade Magazine Award as “Most Innovative Imported Design”, “Imported Knife of the Year”, “Knife Collaboration of the Year” and “Overall Knife Of The Year 2018” and "Overall Knife of the Year 2019".








euroknives italia srl  

In 2008 Oreste Frati together with his son Gabriele and Andrea De Lorenzi founded Euro Knives Italia Srl the production headquarter with the main aim to respond to the increasing customers’ demands. In this plant, we are planning and producing knives of modern cutlery, FOX, FKMD and other major world-class brands. Once the products are finished, they are transferred to FOX Cutlery, where they’re inspected by quality control, packaged and then shipped to the end customers, following all the guidelines of our quality system ISO 9001.


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