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Folding Knives

FX-525 OL

Design by Terzuola

FX-525 B Design By Terzuola
FX-525 BE Design By Terzuola
FX-521 DLB Design by Boris Manasherov
FX-521 DRB Design by Boris Manasherov
FX-520 Design by Boris Manasherov
FX-519ZW Bastinelli design
FX-519B Bastinelli design
FX-525TI BL Design by Terzuola
FX-525TI Design by Terzuola
FX-525DB Design by Terzuola
FX-515W Terzuola design
FX-515 Terzuola design
FX-514 Design by Vox
440OL Design by Francesco Pachì
441OL Design By Francesco Pachi
434 Design by Moris Baroni
433G10 Design by Moris Baroni
462 Design by Moris Baroni
461G10 Design by Moris Baroni
FX-590 Developed with Derespina Knives Brooklin NYC
FX-519GR Bastinelli design
FX-519O Bastinelli design
FX-531TI BR Design by Tashi Bharucha
FX-531TI B Design by Tashi Bharucha
FX-121 Ti Design by Wilson Combat
FX-121 CB Design by Wilson Combat
FX-121 MC Design by Wilson Combat
FX-121 G10 Design by Wilson Combat
FX-604 BL Design By VOX
FX-604 Design By VOX
FX-604 B Design By VOX
FX-604 OD Design By VOX
fox Fox Cutlery FKMD Due Cigni