In 1982, FOX Knives began to supply to the various requests that the Italian Army had during their mission in Lebanon.
From that day on they carried on to respond to the rigorous request of the army, military and special forces that require the support of effective and qualified tools.

Thanks to the high standards of the quality in Italy and overseas, the company has been recognized as the official supplier NATO with N/CAGE CODE: AG180.

In 2005 a new brand was created FKMD (Fox Knives Military Division) to separate military productions from civilian productions.
The company has been ISO 9001 certified with qualified personnel, next generation CNC machinery and a vast selection of the best advanced materials to incorporate with the product. Every request is followed in an attentive and rigorous way to satisfy whatever needs.

Some of the products showed in this catalog have a NATO Stock Number (NSN), a 13 digit numerical code identifying all the standardized material items of supply that can be recognized by all NATO countries.

Fox Knives continue to realize important projects and collaboration with the main companies that operate in the Military and Rescue market.