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Fixed blade

FX-512 OD Design by Alessandro Zanin
FX-512 Design by Alessandro Zanin
FX-507 Design by Borut Kincl Official trainer of Slovenija Army
FX-508 Design by Borut Kincl
FX-0110 M Design by Citadel
FX-BT02 B Design by Mike Vellekamp
FX-0171113 Design by Dean Rostohar
FX-602 Design by Avi Nardia
AMK-279 Design by Hill Knives
FX-601 Design by Jerry Hossom
FX-0171112 Design by Antonio Di Gennaro
FX-NR05 TT-49 Capricorno ISAF official issue
FX-0171100 Design by Gabriel A. Serman
FX-517 Design by Stephane Ballarin



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