FKMD N.E.R.O. Extreme Response Operation

Design by FOX Knives

cod. FX-NR05 TT-49

Blade Steel: N690Co stainless steel
Hardness: HRC 58-60
Blade Coating: black Idroglider
Handle: G10 black
Blade Length: 11 cm - 4.33"
Overall Length: 24 cm - 9.45"
Blade Thickness: 5 mm - 0.20"
Weight: 265 gr - 9.35 oz



Capricorno ISAF Official Issue

N.E.R.O. is the new project that we have developed with Italian Progetti Design team, the new project start from the basic idea to create a tool that can be easy to handling that can be light in weight and with high performances. We have selected the best materials for manufacture these knives, the blades are made with cobalt vanadium steel N690Co then with a vacuum tempering process arriving at HRC 59-60 of hardness. The handles are made with G10 coarse texture CNC machined and well contoured to can create a smooth surface with a very high grip.

ISAF official issue includes multi-position 100% NYLON 1000D sheath.

Blade Coating: black Idroglider
Special non stick coating made of PTFE that ensures long life and rust resistance.
Blade Steel: N690Co stainless steel
Acciaio Steel Carbonio Carbon Cromo Chromium Cobalto Cobalt Azoto Nitrogen Manganese Manganese Molibdeno Molybdenu Nichel Nickel Fosforo Phosphorous Silicio Silicon Zolfo Sulfur Tungsteno Tungs Vanadio Vanadium
N690CO 1.08 17.30 1.50 - 0.40 1.10 - - 0.40 - - 0.10