Design by Doug Marcaida

cod. FX-803 TiPVD

Blade Steel: M390 stainless steel
Blade Coating: Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)
Handle: titanium bronze
Screws: Black idroglider stainless steel
Sheath: Kydex®
Blade Length: 7.7 cm - 3.03"
Overall Length: 14.8 cm - 5.83"
Blade Thickness: 3 mm - 0.12"
Weight: 128 gr - 4.52 oz



Tribal K is the new karambit designed by Doug Marcaida, knife designer and judge of "Forged in Fire".
Available in fixed or folding blade. Its design is characterized by the shape of the very curved blade where, on the back, there is a serration that returns a cut similar to that of a saw. The handle is engraved with recurring triangular motifs in Philippine Martial Arts.


Doug Marcaida

“My designs in general are based on my knowledge and use of blades related to my martial arts skills and experiences as a judge in History Channel’s Forged In Fire”.
Doug Marcaida is a Filipino-American martial artist, edged weapons expert, and reality television personality. Born on in the Philippines and migrated to the US when he was 18, he has gained widespread recognition for his skills and expertise in various martial arts disciplines, particularly in Filipino martial arts. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran and was a Respiratory therapist for 21 years before deciding to pursue a career in Military edge weapons combatives 
as a contractor before the TV series Forged in Fire became his current full time profession.
Doug Marcaida's passion for martial arts began at a young age when he started training in Eskrima, a Filipino martial art that focuses on weapon-based fighting. Over the years, he honed his skills and became a respected instructor, sharing his knowledge and expertise with students all over the world.
With a deep understanding of edged weapons and their application, Marcaida has made significant contributions to the field of self-defense and combat tactics. His unique approach blends traditional martial arts techniques with modern principles, emphasizing efficiency, adaptability, and practicality.
He is a knife designer and has designs with Ka Bar knives, Max Venom, Russian Blades , 511. Tactical but majority of his knife designs are made with Fox Knives Italy that now has partnered up with him to be a knife designer as Fox Marcaida designs. 
Marcaida rose to prominence through his appearances on the popular reality television show "Forged in Fire." As a judge on the show, he evaluates the craftsmanship and functionality of various weapons created by skilled bladesmiths. His sharp eye for detail and extensive knowledge in edged weapons make him a valuable asset in assessing the contestants' work.
Outside of his television appearances, Marcaida continues to teach and demonstrate his skills through workshops, seminars, and public speaking engagements. He travels internationally, sharing his expertise with military personnel, law enforcement agencies, and martial arts enthusiasts alike.
Doug Marcaida's dedication to his craft, combined with his charismatic personality, has made him a beloved figure in the martial arts community. His ability to connect with people and inspire them to pursue their passions is evident in his teachings and interactions with fans.
Overall, Doug Marcaida's bio showcases his remarkable journey as a martial artist, edged weapons expert, and television personality. Through his contributions and expertise, he continues to inspire and educate others in the world of martial arts and self-defense with his knife designs.

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Doug Marcaida
Blade Coating: Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)
(Physical Vapor Deposition) is a variety of vacuum deposition methods used to deposit thin films by the condensation of a vaporized form of the desired film material onto various workpiece surface. The coating method involves purely physical process such as high temperature vacuum evaporation with subsequent condensation.
Blade Steel: M390 stainless steel
Acciaio Steel Carbonio Carbon Cromo Chromium Cobalto Cobalt Azoto Nitrogen Manganese Manganese Molibdeno Molybdenu Nichel Nickel Fosforo Phosphorous Silicio Silicon Zolfo Sulfur Tungsteno Tungs Vanadio Vanadium
M390 1.90 20.00 - - 0.30 1.00 - - 0.70 - 0.50 4.00