FKMD Afghanistan Memorial Knife

Design by Hill Knives

cod. AMK-279

Blade Steel: N690Co stainless steel
Hardness: HRC 58-60
Blade Coating: Physical Vapor Deposition Gun Met
Handle: canvas Micarta natural color
Blade Length: 15 cm - 5.91"
Overall Length: 30 cm - 11.81"
Blade Thickness: 4.5 mm - 0.18"
Weight: 220 gr - 7.76 oz



Memorial knife dedicated to all the international units deployed in Afghanistan.


Hill Knives

The Dutch Knifemaking company Hill Knives was founded in 1979 by Frans van den Heuvel † (father) and Albert van den Heuvel (son), who both have a technical background as toolmakers. “What makes Hill Knives extraordinary is our passion and drive to create the ultimate quality and design when it comes to our knives".

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Hill Knives
Blade Coating

Physical Vapor Deposition Gun Met

(Physical Vapor Deposition) is a variety of vacuum deposition methods used to deposit thin films by the condensation of a vaporized form of the desired film material onto various workpiece surface. The coating method involves purely physical process such as high temperature vacuum evaporation with subsequent condensation.
Physical Vapor Deposition Gun Met
Blade Steel

N690Co stainless steel

Acciaio Steel Carbonio Carbon Cromo Chromium Cobalto Cobalt Azoto Nitrogen Manganese Manganese Molibdeno Molybdenu Nichel Nickel Fosforo Phosphorous Silicio Silicon Zolfo Sulfur Tungsteno Tungs Vanadio Vanadium
N690CO 1.08 17.30 1.50 - 0.40 1.10 - - 0.40 - - 0.10

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