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FOX Stealth Carbon Titanium

FOX Stealth Carbon Titanium

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Blade titanium grade 5 + carbon fiber
Hardness HRC 45
Handle FORPRENE® black
Sheath KYDEX®

Blade length             14 cm       5.51 ”
Overall length        27,5 cm     10.82 ”
Thickness                   6 mm      0.24 ”
Weight                    135 g          4.76 oz

The concept for the STEALTH program has been launched after a discussion with a Captain of a world’s famous Italian Special Forces Unit. The Captain explained to us that during their training and in particularly during special operations – their equipment load is quite substantial and they are looking to reduce – as much as possible – the weight of their essential equipment. In the field – every single ounce counts. As well, as is the case with all special ops teams looking to improve their edge in the field, they have been looking for a new diving and EOD knife that is 1) 100% non-magnetic for mine demolition, 2) completely rust-resistant and 3) a superior cutting tool. From this list of essential needs, we started the development of our STEALTH blades. The blade is manufactured using an inner core blank of BETA Titanium with external layers of Carbon Fiber that are bonded together using special resins in a vacuum process. The end result is a blade that is very flexible with minimal vibration. The Titanium and Carbon Fiber are completely non-magnetic and rust-resistant and are ideal components for EOD and diving purposes. The handle is made from FORPRENE material, a special industrial grade elastopolymer that we are using in all of our FKMD knives. The handle screws are in anodized aluminum. For the sheath we are offering two styles depending on the application: 1100D Cordura nylon MOLLE compatible or heat molded KYDEX. We will also introduce a stainless steel version using N690Co Cobalt Vanadium steel for the inner core blank. Both solutions are extremely strong but lightweight (only 5 ounces in Titanium) multi-use tactical knife with superior.


Blade coating

Bead Blasted
Bead Blasted





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