FKMD FOX Arex Spartan Bayonet

cod. SF-F2000 FN

Blade Steel: stainless steel 440C
Hardness: HRC 55-57
Blade Coating: black Idroglider
Handle: FORPRENE® black
Blade Length: 18.5 cm - 7.28"
Overall Length: 32 cm - 12.60"
Blade Thickness: 5 mm - 0.20"
Weight: 345 gr - 12.17 oz



Official Version For Slovenian Army
Blade stainless steel 440C Clip Point > without wire cutter
Hardness HRC 58-60
Sheath NYLON 1000D with MOLLE system and FRN (NYLON reinforced fiberglass)

In June 2006 FOX Company and AREX company from Slovenia have signed with Slovenian Minister of Defence the official contract for the supply of SPARTAN bayonet to Slovenian Army forces. The SPARTAN has been completely developed under the MOD specification and has been tested and choose between many other ones that have been participating in the tender. The SPARTAN F2000 compared to the previous range has some main differences the thickness of the blade from 6 mm have been modified to 5 mm we have in this way decreased the total weight of the knife, the backside rifle latch top have been manufacture with ERGAL aluminum hard-coated following MIL-A-8625C type III specifications, in black color. The handle is the same as the combat version modify to can keep the new latch top. The Cordura sheath has been modified under MOD request and specification using on the backside a special stainless steel clip develop for the Slovenian Army. Arex company is in charge to develop and manufacture the plastic parts and cordura sheath all other particulars and the final assembling sharpening of the blades is made by our company.

Blade Coating: black Idroglider
Special non stick coating made of PTFE that ensures long life and rust resistance.
Blade Steel: stainless steel 440C
Acciaio Steel Carbonio Carbon Cromo Chromium Cobalto Cobalt Azoto Nitrogen Manganese Manganese Molibdeno Molybdenu Nichel Nickel Fosforo Phosphorous Silicio Silicon Zolfo Sulfur Tungsteno Tungs Vanadio Vanadium
440 C 1.00 17.50 - - 0.50 0.50 - 0.04 0.30 0.03 - -